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Our Pure Biochar is made responsibly from maintenance, felling, and forestry arisings from within the Kinneil Woods.

Biochar has been shown to improve soil structure, aeration, fertility, plant health, and crop yield.

It will remain in your soil for thousands of years, acting like a ‘storage sponge’ – collecting and storing more nutrients and water – which it will slowly release to your plants as they need it.

1L of biochar …

…has stopped the release of approx. 2.02 kgCo2e into the atmosphere!

…has a surface area more than 3 times the size of the Hampden Park pitch!

…should be used at an application rate of between 2-10% by volume of soil!

…will provide a safe haven for beneficial soil microorganisms for decades, centuries, and millennia to come!

1L Pouch = £14.99

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