Who Are We

Sustainable Thinking Scotland is a social enterprise focused on addressing a wide range of social and environmental issues within the Falkirk District, using any profits and assets for the public good. We want to provide our local community with the support and opportunities they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Our ambitions are supported by our board of directors: Sean Kerr, Steve McQueen, Stewart Coventry, Joseph Donnachie, Dr. Nick Quinn, and Dr. Stephanie Terreni Brown; and our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. As a company we prioritize supporting our local community using innovation and a circular approach.


Our Story

In 2016, Sean and Steve realized the growing food insecurity issues in the Falkirk region and decided they wanted to make a change. The company was started originally to help support their local food bank, Bo’ness Storehouse, by renting a small plot of land in the walled garden at the Kinneil Estate in Bo’ness and growing fresh fruit and vegetables exclusively for food parcels.

The area required a lot of restoration, with the south garden wall having collapsed into the polytunnel, but we cleared the area, using the years of old pallets and materials to build a growing area. We made our first donation in July of 2017 and worked closely with the foodbank to ensure our fresh produce would be in homes within a couple of hours of being picked.

The company has since expanded its operation and is now making use of the entire walled garden site to support 4 foodbanks and provide a wide array of community support projects and help solve local waste, soil, and water issues.

Our Mission

At Sustainable Thinking Scotland CIC, we believe in highlighting alternative ways to rebalance economic, environmental, and social values in our modern society.

We are a multi-project organisation covering a range of areas, such as food growing, green waste recycling, and community wellbeing, and our heart is invested in creating innovative and engaging solutions to the issues affecting our communities.

Our model is scalable, adaptable, and focuses on carbon efficiency, using the biomass waste streams available within each region of Scotland, to solve the environmental issues local to them. From waste management to carbon abatement, to solving ecological issues, to helping to tackle food insecurity. Our ambition is to put a farm behind every foodbank, financed by solving ecological and environmental issues at a national scale. Providing funds which allow our communities to invest in themselves; building a stronger society; and a more Sustainable Thinking Scotland

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